Best Choice for Preparing Your Taxes

Sep 13, 2022 By Triston Martin

Suppose your financial position is straightforward. In that case, you should be able to handle your taxes using any of the available tax service options, including filing with a tax expert from H&R Block. However, suppose your taxes are difficult, or you want to explore all of your alternatives completely. In that case, it may be wise to carefully compare H&R Block to other tax preparation services available on the market.

According to H&R Block, its tax professionals have access to the company's Tax Institute. The Tax Institute is largely staffed by certified public accountants (CPAs), registered agents, tax lawyers, and retired IRS agents. This is a fortunate development since much experience may be found there. Nevertheless, this may cause you to ponder the following: what level of experience have you had with the person producing your tax return? When is the best time to get in touch with the experts working at the Tax Institute, and why should they do so?

Professionalism and Experience at H&R Block

Although it does not reach what is needed of employees at the Tax Institute, tax professionals at H&R Block go through training that is quite demanding. The tax experts at H&R Block have an average of ten years of experience in the tax filing industry and have received more than one hundred hours of tax training. Because of this, these tax professionals only contact the Tax Institute when they have issues for which their education has not adequately equipped them to provide a solution. The tax specialists at H&R Block will probably have the necessary expertise to do your taxes on their own if you are one of the many filers with relatively straightforward returns. Going to a retail tax office such as H&R Block is perfect if you are in a rush to have your taxes done or if you want the convenience of being able to walk into an office without needing to make an appointment beforehand.

Other Available Choices

One of the various alternatives available to you for completing your tax return is to use H&R Block. Here are some more possible choices:

Another Retail Tax Firm

Several other retail tax companies, such as Jackson Hewitt and Liberty Tax Service, provide many of the same advantages and qualities as H&R Block. The advantages and disadvantages of working with a particular retail tax firm may differ slightly depending on your situation's specifics; for example, one firm's office may be located in a more convenient location for you than another. However, the benefits and drawbacks of working with a retail tax firm are general.

An Independent Accountant

Your choice of accountant will determine the exact advantages and downsides of working with an independent accountant. Filing your taxes with an independent accountant may or may not be beneficial. One of the most important differences is whether or not your independent accountant has a CPA certification. Before sitting for the Uniform CPA test, a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) would typically need to finish 150 hours of study at an institution that has been granted accreditation. They will get a CPA certificate after passing that test, but to become an actual licensed CPA, they will still need to fulfill further education and experience criteria.

It is usual for an "ordinary" accountant to have finished a lower total number of hours of study and not take the further steps necessary to become a CPA. If you were to make an appointment with H&R Block, you would most likely meet one of these categories of tax preparers there. However, there may be variations in the costs charged by independent accountants and the degree to which they tailor their services to their clients. You should, above all else, have reasonable expectations that your tax accountant will be helpful, kind, and competent no matter where you find them.

Tax Preparation Software

You don't need the assistance of a tax accountant if your financial condition is uncomplicated and your taxes don't have any unusual or difficult aspects to them. If this describes your scenario, you have the choice of skipping the accountant completely. Most of the process of filing taxes may be simplified with the assistance of several software providers that prepare taxes.

You will still be required to pay anything to file your taxes since most of these apps demand some cost. On the other hand, the price may be much lower than the cost of filing at a meeting in person with an accountant. You will be led step-by-step through the procedure by the software applications, and some of them even have support people on hand to answer any queries you may have along the way. Your tax return will be computed based on the information you provide to the program when it prompts you to input basic information that may be found on tax papers, such as a W-4.

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